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  • AI Text Generation Experiment

    This experience was an interesting one when going over and fact-checking the information that the AI site had. Something I took away from this is that accuracy can be easy to mistake when writing and it is important to check and verify the facts you have in front of you when writing. In this assignment […]

  • Who Owns Our Conversations?

    A couple of social media platforms have seen an unprecedented year, those being X and Reddit. What is X? Well, following his purchase of Twitter, Elon Musk rebranded the site to become X, but that’s only just one of many things that have happened with the social media platform this year. X is designed to […]

  • The 3 Best HS Basketball Teams to Watch out for in the 2023-24 season

    As the final buzzer sounded on April 1st, Cincinnati commit Tyler McKinley didn’t celebrate winning the Geico Nationals Championship with his team, the Link Academy Lions. Instead, he went over to the AZ Compass bench and consoled fellow Cincinnati commit and longtime friend Rayvon Griffith in his last high school game. At that moment on […]

  • Harvard-Westlake vs. Corona Centennial CIF State Playoffs

    In the southern regional finals (state semifinals) of the CIF state playoffs, the #3 seed Harvard-Westlake Wolverines traveled across Los Angeles to face the top team in the state, the Centennial Huskies from Corona, CA. Coming into this game, Centennial hadn’t lost a game to a California team in nearly two years, with their last […]

  • Pictures and More!

    Some of the work that I have tried to master in my time covering high school basketball revolves around photography. Last month, I attended an event in Irvine, CA called Boys California Live to take photos for the social media of the event. These are some of the photos above that I was able to […]

  • Media Creation and Media Literacy

    Media literacy can lay the framework for how to be a productive writer and that has proven to be true in my journalistic career by following some of the media literacy principles. I have found that media literacy has reflected a lot of the work I have done. I have done some filmmaking myself in […]

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