About Griffin

I have covered high school basketball at the elite national level in multiple different forms of media including photography and videography and I’m excited to launch this site to write about high school basketball.

I have traveled around the country to cover many different players and teams and have experience working with AZ Compass Prep School, the current #2 preseason-ranked HS basketball team in the nation. I’m looking to cover high school basketball even more with this blog because of my enjoyment in covering the field and how it’s an industry that is growing every day.

Image of myself and current University of Arizona guard Kylan Boswell.

I had always played basketball myself and jumped into covering high school basketball on the media side upon moving to Arizona to start college. I am a sports journalism major at The Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University set to graduate in winter of 2023.

Basketball is my passion and understanding the game is a huge aspect that I take pride in and is reflected in my work in photos, video, writing, and other avenues.