Rules of the Road: Community Guidelines

My philosophy for this online community revolves around respect and hearing out different types of high school basketball opinions that do not demean or detriment another player, coach, or person’s character and can be taken as constructive criticism.

I expect from my commenters… civil debates about the state of the game of high school basketball and limited player comparisons, being that these are only high school student-athletes that we are talking about.

The community should flag inappropriate comments and leave them for me to review and decide whether or not that person should be banned or suspended from the community for their comments.

Comments should be removed if they aim to disrespect a player or coach. Those comments that are removed will then be held for review and the account of the person who commented that will be notified and possibly banned or suspended.

People can be banned if leaving multiple hateful comments. They can receive a straight-up ban based on how bad a comment is, or receive a warning at first to not comment something of that hateful nature again. This community is a forum of respectful debates.