AI Text Generation Experiment

This experience was an interesting one when going over and fact-checking the information that the AI site had. Something I took away from this is that accuracy can be easy to mistake when writing and it is important to check and verify the facts you have in front of you when writing. In this assignment I had Anyword, an AI text generation site, write some paragraphs previewing the Pacific division of the NBA this season, as I am an avid fan of the NBA and follow the Pacific division the most. I asked two different sites and on the first one which was ChatGPT, a lot of the information they had given me wasn’t updated. I could tell as it mentioned how the Los Angeles Lakers are coming off of a championship season, but the Lakers haven’t won a championship since 2020 so I knew the information was a bit outdated.

So I found Anyword and used that information and the one I ended up choosing mostly had incorrect information on which players were on certain teams. Most had players from their old teams which I corrected, but most interesting was they mentioned a rumor, Damian Lillard joining the Clippers, which has never happened nor has he ever played for them. I don’t trust this software too much because it can easily be proved to be outdated a bit and that is concerning because it was outdated in information that is quite easy to find online. I think that this was a good experience to help make me and others realize that the new wave of AI that we utilize still has things needing to be fixed up.

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