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Griffin Greenberg

Some of the work that I have tried to master in my time covering high school basketball revolves around photography. Last month, I attended an event in Irvine, CA called Boys California Live to take photos for the social media of the event. These are some of the photos above that I was able to capture of multiple high school basketball players and these specific players are among the top players in California currently. The Boys California live event lasted for three days and featured top California programs like Harvard-Westlake, Corona Centennial, St. Joseph, and more. Focus on the first photo, Carter Bryant dunking a basketball, and compare it to some of the other dunking photos that we will see in this post.

Tim Mossholder / Pexels

This is a stock photo taken by Tim Mossholder that is free to use on the site Pexels. Pexels is a site that many can use and they make it simple to use stock photos by providing a search bar that you can type your desired photo category into and it will pull up tons of results for you to use. This dunking photo is a great example of a shot that clearly shows what is going on and is easy for the viewer to comprehend.

NightCafe Creator

This photo relates to the other ones in that it is another photo of someone playing basketball, but this one is made from NightCafe which is a site that can generate AI photos. Once again I went with the dunking theme as I did with the stock photo that was used and my first photo on my long row of photos. It goes to show how advanced AI already can be when you type in any type of photo that you want and the site you are working with can automatically generate it within seconds and create one that you have in mind.






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